To the people of CLOUT!

It’s high time. We decided not to party at Warsaw Steelworks on CLOUT Festival for two days of July 2020...
We will be partying all year round ✊

CLOUT Festival new date 14-15 July 2021


Thursday, 5 March 2020. Without a doubt, a date which marked the beginning of a new era of festivals for trap fans in Poland. We launched the project of CLOUT with a bang - a festival Poland has not seen before. Finally our visions came to reality. We have been working on it for the entirety of last year, FROM THE SCRATCH.
We watched the announcement of the festival extremely excited, it was almost like a rocket launch! We counted from ten, celebrating this event like nothing ever before, more than any new year... We took off and quickly ascended into orbit.

We have received amazing feedback and lots of love from you, along with the beautiful reviews and media reactions (read more), that is why the latest events hit us even harder. We were forced to change our trajectory. We have been fighting for a long time, our hearts were telling us otherwise, but eventually common sense won. Faced with the epidemiological situation in the world, the administrative decisions of the authorities and the constant state of uncertainty, as well as the artists themselves postponing their tours - organizing a festival in these circumstances actually started to resemble a real space expedition.

No matter what one thing is for sure… nothing can stop CLOUT! ⚡

CLOUT is not only a festival, it's a movement that we are creating together. We are setting off as soon as… today! With ROAD TO CLOUT, an initiative which will be an actual year-round road to the festival itself. Together, we will experience many unforgettable moments at special checkpoints, such as the concerts of American stars, events in unusual places, online activities and many more. Join us in the journey to CLOUT Festival 2021, “The hottest show on earth!” 💯 with the participation of twelve American artists 🇺🇸, who will perform at Warsaw Steelworks 15-16 July 2021!

TOGETHER will reach our goal and next year we will set the steelworks on fire which they will see all over the world! 🔥

Meantime we need your help! The whole concert industry is on the brink of collapse. It is also the most significant HOTchallenge for us! In order to survive, we need your help. All tickets for CLOUT Festival 2020 will be valid in 2021 and will provide you participation in the next year’s edition at the best price. Keeping your ticket is the best way to show us your support, with will help us overcome any upcoming difficulties and focus on setting up the event itself. We understand if you cannot or do not want to be a part of CLOUT next year. That is why we’ve been working on a ticket return procedure, which will be presented to you soon. Due to the exceptional circumstances we would appreciate your patience.





Your CLOUT PASS is not a typical ticket!
Find out what you can do with ticket, how to become a CLOUT member and set off with us for ROAD TO CLOUT 2021!


By maintaining your CLOUT ticket, you are guaranteed to participate in the festival in 2021 at the best price. Keeping your ticket is the best way to show us your support, which will help us overcome any upcoming difficulties and focus on setting up the event itself.
24 SPECIAL and CLOUT PASS tickets will not be sold for CLOUT 2021. Currently REGULAR PASS is on sale.


Soon you will register your ticket in the CLOUT MEMBER system and receive all additional benefits!
You will be informed in advance about activities related to the festival, line-up, merch - limited drops, concerts and events as part of the ROAD TO CLOUT!

CLOUT MEMBER guarantees:
- CLOUT Member status;
- Ticket at the best price;
- Discounts on all ROAD TO CLOUT concerts;
- Priority entry to CLOUT 2021 in the queue for CLOUT Member;
- Joining our private group;
- Earlier information on new concerts and CLOUT line-up announcements;


If for some reason you can not attend the festival on a new date, YOU CAN EXCHANGE YOUR TICKET FOR A VOUCHER AND GET ADDITIONAL BENEFITS!
Unique concerts, events and checkpoints await you. As a VOUCHER holder, you get priority to buy tickets at a special price for events organized by us as part of ROAD TO CLOUT.


We will understand if you can not or do not want to be part of CLOUT next year. Soon we will contact each person who purchased a ticket with additional information by email. Due to the exceptional situation, we would appreciate your patience.

In accordance with art. 15zp of the Act of 31/03/2020 amending the Act on special solutions related to the prevention, prevention and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and the resulting crisis and some other acts, you can apply for a refund. The return will take place within 180 days of the date of successful termination.

Got questions? Suggestions? Write to us!